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Fujian (China) Week visited the Czech Republic and Slovakia

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On June 13 to 15 local time, the Fujian (China) Week Economic and Trade Promotion Conference co-organized by the Foreign Affairs Office of the Fujian Provincial People's Government and the Fujian Provincial Commission of Economy and Information Technology was successively held in the Olomoucky kraj, Czech and Bratislava, Slovakia. Fujian economic and trade entrepreneurs had a friendly exchange with the local relevant department heads, Chinese businessmen and Chinese and foreign medias.
The conference responded to The Belt and Road Initiative for the cooperation in a range of fields between Fujian and Czech Republic, Fujian and Slovakia, such as electronic information, cross-border e-commerce, vehicle import, machinery manufacturing, bio-pharmaceuticals, smart tourism, to promote Fujian’s manufacturing industry, tourism and related products to enter the market in Central and Eastern Europe.
Li Qinlong, the president of Longyan Emergency Industry Association and the chairman of Haidexin, introduced the development situation of emergency industry of Longyan and the overall emergency solution of Haidexin. Haidexin learned from the world’s emergency knowledge and provided numerous effective emergency solutions. After Longzhou Industrial Park was approved as a national emergency industry demonstration base, Haidexin accelerated the pace of emergency industry construction and made progress. The Czech Republic and Slovakia are important cooperation partners for China's The Belt and Road Initiative and the collaboration between China and Central and Eastern Europe. As an unit of the National Emergency Industry Alliance and the president of the Longyan Emergency Industry Association, Haidexin is pleased to combine the local actual conditions to create a dedicated overall emergency solution, improve the emergency response mechanism and public safety, and make a contribution to the further cooperation between Fujian and Czech Republic, Fujian and Slovakia.
After the conference, the participants exchanged with the overseas Chinese from Chinese Embassy in the Czech Republic, the Czech Federation of Fujian Association, the Slovak Chinese Chamber of Commerce for better understand about local social laws, languages and customs, which has a positive significance that we obtain business opportunities and explore the Czech and Slovak markets.