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MV Mobile Diesel Generators aided by China for Pakistan Nuclear Plant were successfully off the production line

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Haidexin assisted the “The Belt and Road” to create a new situation of China-Pakistan friendly cooperation. Haidexin launched a ceremony for the offline production of MV Mobile Diesel Generator for Pakistan nuclear power project on May 23, 2018. This is the first time that China has provided medium-voltage power supply vehicles for overseas nuclear power. It is also the first time that our company has participated in overseas aid project.
Promoted by Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research & Design Institute Co., Ltd., together with our parent company Tellhow, Haidexin designed and produced these two sets for Pakistan's nuclear industry, to assist the national “The Belt and Road”.

Based on the actual conditions of nuclear power plants in Pakistan, the vehicles use the medium-voltage diesel generator set with a main power of 2000kW to provide users with high-quality power supply with a voltage rating of 6.3kV, which can realize long-distance power supply. It can provide sufficient power supply support for cooling system of nuclear reactor in natural disasters such as tsunami, earthquakes and other natural disaster.
As the only qualified power supplier for the power supply vehicle in China's nuclear power industry, Haidexin has provided 14 high-power vehicles for a number of nuclear power plants since 2013. Mr. Li Xuanye, deputy general manager, expressed that it is a great honor to undertake this project.
He pointed out that the "The Belt and Road" is a global trend and is also a good opportunity for Haidexin. Last year, the National Emergency Industry Demonstration Base settled in the Fujian Longzhou Industrial Park, which added more power to the development of Haidexin and provided a solid foundation for expanding the market.

Haidexin will open the door to cooperation with the world and continue to provide users with top-quality intelligentized emergency solutions.