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Enterprise and Community Joint Drill in 2018

Time:2018-05-12 19:17 Click:
A comprehensive emergency drill was held at Hidexin on May 12, hosted by Haidexin and Longyan Emergency Industry Association, and co-organized by Longyan Public Security Bureau Police Brigade, Longyan Experimental Primary School, Longyan Earthquake Administration, Minxi Vocational & Technical College, and Longyan Xin Luo Red Cross.
The drill consists of theoretical explanation and scene simulation, which focuses on escape and emergency rescue in the fire and earthquake. Haidexin made a smoke-filled realistic scene to create a tense atmosphere, enhance actual combat feelings and the correct use for emergency escape and rescue measures, and better improve the knowledge structure and standardize behavioral cognition.
In addition to the scene simulations, the security officer from Haidexin explained the use of fire extinguishers and guided them to practice. The police also popularized daily fire safety and earthquake escape knowledge for primary school students.
Zheng Xiaoyong, the section chief of the emergency rescue department from Longyan Earthquake Administration, gave a detailed introduction to the basic knowledge of earthquakes and emphasized that disaster prevention should be established on weekdays. In particular, the head should be protected during the shock.
Nowadays, learning emergency knowledge is increasingly important. We should enhance the consciousness of disaster risk prevention, to improve the efficiency of rescue and reduce waste of social resources at the time of danger. As a member of the Standing Committee of the Longyan CPPCC, Mr. Li Qinlong, the chairman of Haidexin, has repeatedly suggested strengthening the cooperation between enterprises and schools, communities and enterprises, and spreading daily emergency escape and rescue knowledge for students. Today is the tenth anniversary of the 5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake, Haidexin teamed up with local multi-organizations for drill, to do a good job of youth emergency education, deepen everyone's understanding of emergency knowledge, and boost public social safety.