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2018 Annual Meeting of Hyde-Sinaean

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After a few days of severe cold, the sun was languidly shining on the earth, and the temperature was just right on February 8th. Hyde-Sinaean is permeated with a celebratory atmosphere. Many friends from various companys, all staffs and their friends and relatives gathered in Hyde-Sinaean to celebrate 2018 Annual Meeting.
Mr. Li Qinlong, the chairman of Hyde-Sinaean summarized the outstanding achievement in 2017, thanks to all the people who gave support and help of friendsover the past year, and looked forward to the good vision of 2018.
Hyde-Sinaean recognized outstanding employees in 2017. The winners of "2018 First Order" and "2017 Sales Champion" delivered the award-winningspeech.
A "my future is not a dream" was a prelude to annual meeting. The shows were dizzying and brought us a luxurious audiovisual feast, such as Pick-tea Lantern, soulful song with guitar, sparky song with dance and incredible magic etc. During the shows also interspersed with various games and raffle activities, which constantly set off a climax of meeting.