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Hyde-Sinaean was invited to TIEMS 2017 Annual Conference

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Li Qinlong, the General Manager of Hyde-Sinaean and Li Xuanye, the Vice General Manager, were invited to TIEMS 2017 Annual Conference held in the Kiev, Ukraine on Dec. 4 to 6 (local time). Many authoritative experts from emergency area around the world attended this conference, such as officials, academics, business representatives.

The contents of this conference includes: urban basic engineering emergency support system, crisis psychology, virtual interactive training course for first respondents, discussion on PPP model for key infrastructure protection, emergency rescue management for disaster victims, and volunteer activities for public safety communications in armed conflict areas management by civil military organizations, etc.

Combined with international major blackouts and years of experience in emergency power protection, Mr. Li Xuanye delivered a speech on "A Brief Analysis on Emergency Power Supply System Construction” at the conference. He believes that electricity unbalance, unprofessional operation staffs, irresistible natural disasters, aging equipment are the main reasons for large-scale power failure. At the same time, he shares some constructive solutions advice, which well received at the conference. Such as regulate rules, build up disaster pre-warning system and emergency command system, improve emergency power supply training and exercises capacity, reserve emergency power supply equipment, and enhance emergency response capacity.
Mr. Li Xuanye and Mr. Georgii V. Lysychenko, the Ukraine's Deputy Minister of Nuclear Physics and Power Engineering Development, had a discussion about power supply system construction of nuclear power plant and nuclear leakage monitoring and pre-warning protection, based on Chernobyl disaster. They reached a consensus on regular exchange in order to realize the sharing of resources and information in the construction of emergency response system for nuclear power plants in Ukraine and China.
As the chairman unit of Longyan Emergency Industry Association, Hyde-Sinaean also took the opportunity to show the results of emergency industry in Longyan and actively invite investment for the development of emergency industry projects and services, to enhance the international visibility and influence.

Mr. Li Qinlong introduced the National Emergency Industry Demonstration Base - Longzhou Industrial Park, Longyan, Fujian Province to TIEMS. He made an application for holding an international emergency conference or forum in Longyan, Fujian Province in the future. He hopes to introduce excellent emergency management solutions, academic resources and relative enterprises to Longyan, in order to promote the development of Longyan for the construction of Longzhou Industrial Park and the development of emergency industry in Longyan.