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  • Service item of In-Warranty Period

    1. Training In order to get a reasonable and correct operation of your vehicles to improve work efficiency, we will arrange technicians to make a free operation training when delivering vehicles. 2. Maintenance service Within one year or 1000 working...


  • Service item of Out-of-Warranty Period

    1. Training We organize once training of operation and fault analysis and processing every year according to local present number of vehicle. 2. Maintenance service We will provide a lifetime of service, and you signed a maintenance agreement, and we...


  • Note of vehicle use

    1. Check if engine oil, antifreeze and fuel oil are standard level before starting the vehicle. 2. Check if the legs are flat. 3. Check if window-shades are fully opened to ensure that air inlet and exhaust is unobstructed. 4. The main circuit breaker...


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Popular Questions From Other Buyers

   Q: What's your suggestion if I need 500kW emergency power supply vehicle?
A: Pls let me know your desired chassis, Gen-set, and the environment.
Q: What's the standard equipment for the operating room?
A: Including air conditioning, desk, sofa, control panel, and power station operation.
Q: Is it secure that gen-set is mounted on the vehicle?
A: It is secure and stable, mounting with high strength bolt.
Q: How long does generate when power supply vehicle is full of oil?
A: Generally, full load 8 hours of continuous power generation design, if there are special requirements, it can be customized according to customer requirements.
Q: How many degree tilt angle in place that power supply vehicle can be used?
A: According to the National Standard GB8258, 8-12 degree angle of front and back inclination angle.
Q: Is hydraulic support leg electric or manual?
A: Yes. The vehicle is online refueling by preset auxiliary fuel pump. 
Q: Is hydraulic support leg electric or manual?
A: Manual control. One button controls support leg out, another control back. Mounted-vehicle battery is power source of the equipment. It can also be based on customer requirements to produce.