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Communication Command Vehicle

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Communication Command Vehicle

  • Product Introduction: Ithas the advantages of novel design, functional excellence, via satellite communications, through wireless communications, wired communications, computer communications, and a variety of communication modes and radio amplified sound, audio and video
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    Emergency communication vehicle has the advantages of novel design and excellent function. It combines a variety of communication modes with radio amplified sound, audio and video acquisition and processing, real-time image transmission, communication scheduling management and other multi platform configuration, such as wireless communications, wired communications and computer communications, which connects the network with command center in anytime and anywhere, interacts with all levels of command center for voice, data, image multimedia communication, realizes the control, exchange, decision, query, recording and other multi function dispatching command, meets real-time and validity requirements for rescue scene communication command, achieves barrier free communication between the site and the command system, and easy to command and decide for command center.

    Vehicle includes the carriage and vehicle-mounted system; carriage divides into power supply room, meeting room, communications room three functional areas; vehicle system includes power supply system, lighting system, alarm system, broadcasting system, conference system, video capture and analysis system, voice acquisition and analysis system, computer control system, information processing system, wireless communication system, dispatching communication system, satellite launch system, mobile communication base station system.


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